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Experience the Charm of Burgundy, France
View from our Vacation Rental House of the river Armançon

View from our holiday rental across the River Armançon

Escape the frantic pace of modern society and immerse yourself in the warmth and charm of France's Burgundy region. The above picture is taken from our house in the town of Semur-en-Auxois, a quaint and welcoming place with ancient roots and friendly residents.

The house is a charming two bedroom, three bathroom vacation and holiday rental (which comfortably sleeps 4 and can accommodate 6) nestled in a quiet section of the center of town, situated on the north bank of the river Armançon, with a breathtaking view of the village's ramparts and cathedral on the opposite bank. It is a place to relax and rediscover your joie de vivre, a romantic setting to experience with your partner, and a home base for the exploration of the surrounding town and region.

The house is available for self-catering holiday and vacation rentals; prices range from €150 per night to €1275 per week. Prices are inclusive of everything from linens and bathrobes to high-speed internet access. We invite you to explore the house, the town of Semur-en-Auxois, and the Burgundy region through the links provided above. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by telephone if you have any questions or would like to inquire about a reservation.

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Our holiday rental property (gite) on the river.

Our holiday rental house sits on a winding river in a private location.

  Semur-en-Auxois Notre-Dame

Semur-en-Auxois' cathedral is in the center of town, just minutes from the house.

  Vineyard near our holiday rental cottage.

This local vineyard is just minutes from the house; free tours are available.

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About the House in Semur
Our Vacation Rental along the Armancon River

Our vacation rental house along the river in Semur-en-Auxois, Burgundy, France

The entry to our vacation rental, with the ramparts and cathedral of Semur-en-Auxois in the background.

The house's entry

Our house in Semur is located at the end of an Impasse in the center of town. This gives it the perfect combination of location and privacy: it is only a short walk to the main facilities of the town, yet its immediate surroundings are tranquil and secluded, with spectacular views. This page describes the specifics of the house so that you may understand more about it before you make a reservation. The house has three levels:

Main Level: house entry
Salon (living room with a sofa-bed)
Bathroom with a claw-foot bath tub
Upper level: upper bedroom
Large double bed (US queen/UK king)
Reading area
Desk with internet access (wifi also available)
En-suite bathroom with shower
Lower level: lower bedroom
Flexible beds: two singles or one US king/UK superking
En-suite bathroom with shower
Accessed via separate entrance

Outside the house there is a sitting area just outside the entrance to the lower level, and an upper garden which overlooks the house and the river. Every room in the house has spectacular views of the river and the ramparts of the city wall.

Scroll down to see photos (the entry to the house is shown at right), or click to jump ahead to:

Upper Bedroom
Lower Bedroom
Patio/Sitting Area
Upper Garden

The Kitchen

The cabinets are stocked with all the dishes, utensils, and cookware you'll need.

The eat-in kitchen comfortably seats six and is fully equipped with modern amenities.

Fall and winter holiday rentals are provided with plenty of fire wood.

The kitchen is also home to a cozy fireplace and reading nook.

The kitchen retains its French country charm while also being updated with modern appliances.

It is an eat-in kitchen with:

Additional appliances include:

There is plenty of counter-top space for you to prepare a fresh meal if you like, and the cabinets and drawers are stocked with dishes and utensils.

The kitchen table seats up to six, providing ample space to eat a meal or relax with a bottle of wine and a fruit and cheese plate. The large picture windows let in plenty of light: the riverside window has a view of the nearby Pont des Minimes (a medieval stone bridge).

The finishing touch to the kitchen is a wood-burning fireplace which provides enough charm and warmth to heat the whole house, literally and figuratively.


The Salon

The sunny Salon has ample, comfortable seating.

The plush sofa in the Salon folds out into a bed for extra sleeping space, and faces the river and the ramparts of the old castle.

Enjoy a quiet afternoon wine and cheese spread with the birdsong for company.

The corner sitting area in the Salon overlooks the patio and has a breathtaking sunny view of the town wall and ramparts.

The Salon also has a CD/mp3 player (not shown).

The TV in the Salon receives French and English channels, and is equipped with a region-free DVD player and a VCR that plays European and North American tapes. We also have a selection of movies, including children's movies.

The Salon is the largest room in the house, containing the living/sitting area. The salon has two walls of windows, giving it the most unobstructed view of the ramparts, river, and the town of Semur-en-Auxois.

The plush couch pulls out into a bed, allowing two extra guests to sleep comfortably. In addition, there is a second couch which can sleep another adult; the side tables with drawers double as clothing storage if necessary.

The room has enough seating for the entire family to relax and listen to music, watch a movie, or simply enjoy the ambience.

The corner sitting area in the Salon overlooks the patio and has a breathtaking sunny view of the town wall and ramparts.

In the Salon, you will also find a selection of books and rainy-day board games and puzzles.

The TV in the Salon receives French and English channels, and is equipped with a region-free DVD player and a VCR that plays European and North American tapes. We also have a selection of movies, including children's movies.


The Upper Bedroom

The sunny upper bedroom has vaulted ceilings and french doors that open to a private balcony with a view of the town wall and ramparts.

The sunny upper bedroom has vaulted ceilings and french doors that open to a private balcony with a view of the town wall and ramparts.

The queen-sized bed in the upper bedroom faces the balcony and town ramparts.

The queen-sized bed in the upper bedroom faces the balcony and town ramparts.

Ascend the stairs from the kitchen and you will find yourself in the upstairs bedroom, a spacious abode with vaulted ceilings and spectacular views.

The oversized double bed (US queen/UK king) is roomy and comfortable, and the closet and chest-of-drawers provide ample space in which to unpack. After all, why spend your holiday living out of a suitcase?

French doors lead to the private balcony that overlooks the patio and the ramparts on top of the hill. On either side of the french doors there are cozy seating areas; there is also a small desk at which you can write letters or browse e-mail on your laptop (our wired internet connection is located here, though you can also access the internet wirelessly throughout the house; note that our internet service is provided free of charge and is subject to technical availability).

The upper bedroom was also renovated in 2009 to add an en-suite bathroom with a shower.


The Lower Bedroom

The lower bedroom has ample storage space and its own en-suite shower room.

The lower bedroom has two twin beds that may be pushed together or kept separate. The room also contains a 6-drawer dresser and a large built-in closet.

Accessible only by a separate entrance on the patio, the lower bedroom has its own bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower, as well as two twin beds (which can be moved together to form a king-sized bed) and plenty of storage for clothing and personal items.

This bedroom is the closest to the river, lending it the most intimate views of the riverbanks. The bedroom door opens out onto the sitting area at the river, where weeping willows gracefully drape their leaves into the water, and the bridge and ramparts of the old castle peek out from between the branches.

It is important to note that the proximity of the lower bedroom to the river and its distance from the upper bedroom make it inappropriate for small children. If you have any concerns about the layout of our house after reading the descriptions here and viewing the house's floor plan, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Patio

View of the patio sitting area, entry to the lower bedroom, and living room windows.

View of the patio sitting area, entry to the lower bedroom, and living room windows.

The patio is just off the entrance to the lower bedroom.

Enjoy a quiet lunch or tea with just the birds and the ducks (and maybe a light breeze) for company.

At the shores of the River Armançon, just steps off the patio.

At the shores of the River Armançon, just steps off the patio.

View of the Ramparts from the house patio.

View of the ramparts from the patio of our Burgundy vacation rental.

The patio consists of two areas: a stone table and bench for intimate outdoor meals, games, or chats, and a lower area covered with pebbles and marbled with tree roots, which ends at the river's edge. At the far edge of the lower area a rock face trickles water from the hills above the house into the river.

In the kitchen, you will find all you need to bring your meal or wine-and-cheese spread out to the patio. The ducks may even come over to greet you (and receive your day-old baguette remnants).


The Upper Garden

Upper Garden with a view of the ramparts

View from the upper garden of our holiday rental.

Exit the front door of the house and climb the stone steps into the upper garden area of the house, an elevated green area with many flowers, trees, a table and chairs, and a sitting bench for meditation or for simply relaxing and enjoying the romantic view of the city wall and ramparts (this view is especially spectacular at night, when the ramparts are lit up).

New: Click here for a floorplan-based virtual tour!

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About Semur-en-Auxois
Les Semurois se Plaisent Fort en l'Acointance des Estrangers.

Translation: "The people of Semur take great pleasure in meeting strangers."

Inscribed in 1552 on an archway leading to the oldest part of the village, this statement emphasizes the attitude of the residents of Semur-en-Auxois (or just Semur for short). Friendly and helpful, the people are as welcoming as the town is charming.

Semur-en-Auxois: A Blend of Old-World Charm and 21st-Century Amenities

View of the ramparts of Semur-en-Auxois

View of the ramparts of Semur-en-Auxois

Semur-en-Auxois' status as one of the most picturesque towns in Burgundy remains uncontested. The majority of its medieval centre-ville (town center) remains intact after hundreds of years of use and activity: Semur is simultaneously a site rich in history and a thriving modern town.

Semur is among a group of towns in France with the title Stations Vertes de Vacances. To quote the official tourism website for Burgundy, "Stations Vertes de Vacances are picturesque towns or villages in France’s rural or mountain areas. They have all signed a Quality Charter pledging them to uphold the locality’s natural beauty and to offer reception and accommodation facilities in a protected environment." In the case of Semur, this means that the town has achieved a balance between offering the amenities and access that a modern town must have (including a hospital, full-sized grocery stores, a post office, and several banks) while preserving its quaint appearance and its relaxed, pleasant attitude.

In Semur, There's Always Something To See And Do

The Cathedral in Semur-en-Auxois

The Cathedral in Semur-en-Auxois is lit up every night.

Semur-en-Auxois is nestled within a loop in the river Armançon, which winds its way casually through the town bordered by houses on either side (ours is one of them). The town's medieval wall and battlements remain a popular tourist attraction, and throughout the year its ramparts are lit at night in a breathtaking display.

Also popular are the museum and the collegiate church of Notre-Dame, which contains many beautiful works of art, including fantastically intricate stained-glass windows. Here in town there is a theatre which hosts many touring and local performances, and in the spring and summer Semur hosts a Music Festival (in May) and a Medieval Festival (in August) to complement the many other festivals of arts, crafts, music, and wines which occur year-round in the surrounding Cote d'Or region.

The Immediate Area: Full of Fascinating Sights

The Cathedral Gardens in Semur-en-Auxois

The Cathedral Gardens in Semur-en-Auxois on the first day of spring

Nearby, too, are the towns of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain (site of the filming of Chocolat and home of the famous aniseed mints), Fontenay (home of the best-preserved Cistern abbey in France), Epoisses (where the magnificent cheese of the same name is made), and also Alésia, the famous site where Julius Caesar earned his final conquest of Gaul by defeating the forces of Vercingetorix. One can fish, swim, or sail at the local Lac du Pont, a short drive, bicycle ride, or a pleasant walk from Semur's centre-ville. Or it is possible to rent a bicycle in town and simply explore the beautiful countryside with a picnic lunch.

Our rental house in Semur is located steps away from the centre-ville, within easy walking distance of all the bakeries, restaurants, and amenities the village has to offer. From here you can enjoy both the town of Semur and the Burgundy region without suffering the cramped space or temperamental facilities of a hotel. It is ideally situated for a memorable vacation.

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About the Burgundy Region

Considered the gastronomic heart of France, The Burgundy region (Bourgogne in French) is perhaps most famous for its diverse array of exquisite wines and its local culinary pleasures such as Beef Bourgignon and Coq au Vin. Local chefs are famous for using high-quality, ultra-fresh local ingredients to create rich and hearty dishes, some of which are only available locally.

Visit World-Famous Wineries

Vineyards in Burgundy produce such fine wines as Chamberlain, Meursault, Chablis, and Pouilly-Fuissé, among others. Throughout the year Burgundy celebrates their vineyards with wine festivals where one can roam about and sample the year's vintages. In addition, many local vineyards will welcome you to their door with a glass of wine to taste and an invitation to explore their cellars.

Medieval Archway in nearby Flavigny-sur-Ozerain

Medieval archway in nearby Flavigny-sur-Ozerain

Explore Ancient Historical Sites

Burgundy's history is as rich and diverse as its food. You can explore Paleolithic sites such as the caves of Arcy-sur-Cure, which display the art and living of the hunters of the time. Or you can visit the tomb of the princess of Vix, a remnant of the wealth and power of the Celts who once ruled here.

Here also you can follow the footsteps of the Gallic nobleman Vercingetorix on the path to his famous clash with Julius Caesar at Alésia, the battle in which the Roman Empire completed its conquest of Gaul. Along the way visit the ruins of Roman colonies and see the integration of French/Roman history and modern life in towns like Autun, the site of "Augustodunum" -- a pageant which re-enacts history in the ancient Roman theater, which was the largest of its kind in the western Roman Empire.

Tour The Former Homes of French Royalty

If you prefer instead to follow in the footsteps of the Royalty of France, the châteaux of Burgundy provide a rich and varied experience filled with the tales of royalty and peasants alike. Stroll the gardens of the château at Epoisses and sample the local cheese, a freshly-made delicacy available only locally.

Stained glass in Avallon

Stained glass in the beautiful church in Avallon

Or visit the ducal palace in Dijon, the capital of Burgundy and the gastronomic capital of the world. Touring the châteaux of Burgundy provides enough history, activity and relaxation to fill weeks of your time here.

See Burgundian Architecture, Old and New

The same can also be said of Burgundy's architectural history -- a tour of the more picturesque examples will allow you to sample most of Burgundy's finer points, such as the Abbeys at Fontenay and Flavigny-sur-Ozerain and the red-and-gold rooftops of Beaune.

Burgundy Has Something For Every Itinerary

If you crave the excitement of a city, look to Dijon -- home of the mustard of the same name. If instead you wish to experience a more calm and natural landscape, look to the countryside of Auxois, for example. Burgundy is home to some of the most beautiful and unspoilt countryside in France.

You can spend your days and nights sightseeing if you wish, but if you instead prefer to avoid the crowds, there are any number of activities available to you here. These include hiking, fishing, sailing, rock climbing, golfing, bicycling and horseback riding, among others. You can use the house in Semur-en-Auxois as a point of origin for any and all of these nature activities, or combine them with the sightseeing and culinary activities above.

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To see a map of Semur and Burgundy, click here.

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Map and Directions

The map at right is centered on our town of Semur-en-Auxois in the Burgundy (Cote d'Or) region of France. We have also marked a few sights and restaurants on the map that you might be interested in. Please feel free to use it to explore the town and the region.

Several international airports near the house are also marked on the map, as are various ferry ports. You may use this map to print directions to Semur-en-Auxois.

Note: For security reasons and to ensure the privacy of our guests, we do not publish the exact location of the house on our website.

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To read answers to our FAQ, click here.
Frequently Asked Questions
Roses climbing the side of our vacation rental house in Burgundy, France.

Roses climbing the side of the house in the spring.

Steps leading to the river at rental house in Burgundy, France.

Steps from the Napoleonic era lead to the river alongside the house.

This information is provided as a courtesy to our visitors and should not be considered official advice. Information given here is subject to change, so you should check the relevant official authority on the subjects discussed below to verify the information.

Vacation & Holiday Rentals - General

What is a gite?

How is a vacation rental different from a hotel?

How far in advance should I make a reservation?
Is a deposit required?

The House

How many people can sleep in the house?

Can I see a floor plan of the house?

Is maid service available?

What kind of amenities are available at the house?

Can I make long-distance or international telephone calls from the house?

Can I access the internet from the house?

Is on-site parking available at the house?

How do I get from the airport to the house?

How do I get from the ferry to the house?

Semur-en-Auxois, Burgundy, and France

Do I need a visa to visit France?

How far will my money get me in France?

Where is Semur-en-Auxois?

Do I have to speak French to visit Semur-en-Auxois?

Do I need a car to visit Semur-en-Auxois?

What kind of electrical adapters do I need to run my hairdryer, electric razor, etc.?

What kind of amenities are available in the village?

What kind of activities are available in and around Semur-en-Auxois?

What is a gite?
The French use the word gite (actually gîte) to refer to a furnished vacation rental house available for weekly stays. Gites range in price from modest to luxurious, and are available all over France. Our house is a two-bedroom vacation rental in the town of Semur-en-Auxois, in the Burgundy region of France.

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How is a vacation rental different from a hotel?
Some of the differences between vacation rentals and hotel rooms are significant, while others are relatively minor. In general, hotel rooms are much smaller than holiday rentals at the same price point. Our house works out to approximately €180 per night during peak season, which is comparable to the price of a room with two double beds in a three-star hotel in the area. In the hotel, both the beds would be in the same room, likely less than 1 meter from one another, and aside from a bathroom there would be very little additional private space. In our house, there are two separate bedrooms (each with en-suite bathrooms) as well as a fully-equipped kitchen, large salon/living room, and a third bathroom. (Click here to see floor plans of the house.) In a hotel, outdoor space is shared with all other guests, whereas our balcony, garden and patio is all yours for the duration of your stay. We also include amenities such as wireless internet, English-speaking satellite TV, and free telephone calls to land lines in Europe and North America, which may not be available at a local hotel.

Of course, a hotel also has some features that a holiday rental does not typically have. At our house, there is no room service to provide meals or clear your dishes at the end of a meal (though there is a dishwasher and detergent is provided). We do not provide daily housekeeping services. If you are staying for several weeks, we are happy to arrange for a mid-stay tidy-up to change your linens and provide you with fresh towels at no extra cost. In between, however, the house is self-catering, which means that you are responsible for laundering sheets and towels if you want them changed more frequently. We do provide laundry detergent and fabric softener, so the only cost to you is the time it takes to load and unload the machines, and you can also use the facilities to wash your clothes, which means you have the option of carrying fewer/lighter suitcases on your trip.

Also, although we do employ a dedicated team of local property managers who are nearby to help you with anything you might need, there is no on-site concierge at our house the way there might be at a hotel. This means that you will have to make your own restaurant and tour reservations.

It has been our experience that the vast majority of people are glad they chose to stay at our house over a hotel. We choose vacation rentals over hotels whenever possible in our own travels, because each experience is unique, and the quality of experience can be exemplary with a caring rental owner. However, we realize that self-catering holidays are not for everyone. If you have questions about this issue, or would like us to recommend a hotel in the area, please feel free to contact us. We would of course love to have you stay at our house, but it is more important to us that you have a wonderful holiday, wherever you stay.

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How far in advance should I make a reservation?
Is a deposit required?

Availability of the house depends on both the season and the specific week in which you want to make a reservation. Generally, we recommend that you contact us at least two months in advance; however, this is not a firm rule. We do require a deposit at the time of your reservation, generally 25% of the total rental price. For more details, see our rates and availability page.

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How many people can sleep in the house?
There are two bedrooms in the house, each with the capacity to comfortably sleep 2 people. In addition, there are two couches, one of which can convert to a bed if necessary. Therefore, the house can accommodate up to 6 people, but anything over four people requires that the Salon also be used as a third bedroom. We provide privacy curtains across the Salon doorway for this purpose.

It is also important to note that the second bedroom is only accessible from a separate entrance (on the lower patio, at river level) than the rest of the house. This makes the house perfect for two couples or a family with one or two teenagers, but the second bedroom is not usually suitable for smaller children who prefer to have easy access to their parents during the night. Many of our clients do find that their small child can sleep on the sofa bed in the salon without any problems, but this depends on the individual family and their needs. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also get a sense of our layout using our virtual tour.

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Can I see a floor plan of the house?
Definitely! We can do one better: an interactive floor-plan-based virtual tour. We want you to have as much information as possible before you decide to book your vacation rental with us. And, of course, if you have any questions, you can always contact us and ask us directly.

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Is maid service available?
The house is run like a self-service gite. When you arrive, the house will be freshly cleaned and you will have fresh linens provided for you. During your stay, however, there is no daily maid service, and we currently do not offer this for an extra price. For those wishing to stay for longer periods of time, please contact us to discuss the possibility of occasional cleaning service weekly or bi-weekly during your stay.

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What kind of amenities are available at the house?
We try to keep the house furnished with all the little details that transform a house into a comfortable home. As such, we not only provide all linens and towels (even bathrobes), extra pillows and blankets, a kitchen fully stocked with plenty of dishes, utensils, and cookware, but also the following appliances and services:

Large kitchen appliances:
Full-sized refrigerator and freezer
Four-ring induction stove/hob and multi-function oven
Extra-quiet Dishwasher (washing tablets provided)

Small kitchen appliances:
Electric kettle
Press coffee/tea maker
Filter coffee maker
Moka (espresso) coffee maker

Utility Appliances:
Washing Machine (detergent provided)
Dryer (fabric softener provided)
Iron and Ironing Board
Hair Dryer

TV with French and English channels
VCR: European/North American compatible
DVD player: region-free, also records DVDs, includes USB port
Stereo/CD player, also plays mp3-CDs

Internet Service:
High-speed wired/wireless internet

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Can I make long-distance or international telephone calls from the house?
Yes, absolutely. We provide a telephone as a service to our guests. There is no charge for local calls, and international phone calls will be charged at cost. Once you have made a reservation at the house, we will send you a list of the phone company's toll charges, but generally rates for calls to Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand are very reasonable. In fact, calls to land lines in the E.U. and North America are free.

If you plan to use phones outside the house (such as pay phones in neighboring towns - these do still exist!), inexpensive calling cards may be purchased at local convenience stores and used at any phone in France.

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Can I access the internet from the house?
The house is not equipped with a computer, but we do have high-speed internet access at the house through Orange, which is the local DSL service. If you would like to use your computer to connect to the internet at the house (wired or wirelessly), there is no additional charge; please just let us know so that we can send you the connection instructions when you make your final payment. Our internet service is very reliable, but it is of course subject to technical availability.

If you prefer to use your own internet service and you have a laptop, you can use the phone to connect to your ISP via either a local call or a calling card. Additionally, the local hotel in Semur allows people to rent time on their internet-enabled computers, and there is an internet cafe next to Le Sagittaire in town that offers web access in 30 minute increments at a reasonable price.

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Is on-site parking available at the house?
Absolutely. We have space for one car on our impasse. The house's parking is in a courtyard-like space and is shared with two neighbors. The neighbors are permanent Semur residents and lovely people, and they only ask that we park on the edge of the courtyard so that we all have space to maneuver.

If your party is bringing two cars, we ask that you park one of them on the cross-street (there is plenty of room and it is very nearby). Camping vans and large campers are not permitted in our (protected) section of town.

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How do I get from the airport to the house?
Semur-en-Auxois is about 1 hour from the Dijon airport, an airport which is currently only open to charter and private planes. If you are flying a commercial airline, the house is approximately equal distance from eight international airports in six cities. The following travel times and itineraries are approximate. Once you make a reservation with us, we will provide you with fully-detailed directions from your arrival airport to the house in Semur.

By Car: From any of the above airports, you can rent a car (it is advisable to reserve a rental car before you leave for your vacation) and drive straight to Semur-en-Auxois. Driving time varies depending on your arrival airport as well as whether you opt to drive via expressways or via more scenic minor routes. Taking the autoroutes and not traversing the cities during rush hour, we estimate the following travel times (in order of shortest to longest drive):

Paris - Orly (ORY): 2 hours
Paris - Charles de Gaulle (CDG): 2.5 hours
Lyon - St-Exupéry (LYS): 2.5 hours
Geneva (GVA): 3 hours
Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (BSL): 3 hours
Tours (TUF): 3 hours
Grenoble (GNB): 3 hours
Paris - Beauvais (BVA): 3.5 hours

By train: The nearest train station to Semur is in the neighboring town of Montbard. There are train stations in each airport city, and it is possible to take either a regular or high-speed train to your destination. As an example: the train station inside Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport has at least one departure per day from the airport straight to Montbard. If you miss that train, you can get to Montbard by connecting through Paris' Gare de Lyon station.

Once you are in Montbard, you can either rent a car there and drive to Semur or take a taxi or bus to Semur (the bus ride is free with a train ticket, Monday-Saturday). The TGV ride from Paris to Montbard is approximately 1 hour long, and the ride from Montbard to Semur-en-Auxois is approximately 15 minutes.

If you would like to check train schedules, you can use the French SNCF website or the more general TGV Europe website.

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How do I get from the ferry to the house?
We would be happy to help you plan a detailed itinerary, in part using various online resources such as Google Maps, to help you navigate from your ferry port to the house. Some estimated travel times are:

Le Havre: 4.25 hours
Dieppe: 4.5 hours
Calais: 5 hours.

Of course, these travel times can vary with the day and time of day, and they also depend on which route you take. Most of our clients who take the ferry drive straight from their port to the house, breaking only to eat and use restrooms, but some make the most of the trip by stopping at several tourist destinations on the way!

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Do I need a visa to visit France?
This question is best answered by your local French embassy or consulate, as the answers vary from country to country. Residents of any country can determine whether they need a visa by visiting France-Diplomatie. This information may change at any time, however, so contact your local embassy or consulate for the most updated information.

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How far will my money get me in France?
It is possible to enjoy France on any budget, from shoestring to lavish. However, the exact prices will vary based on the exchange rate between your currency and the French currency. France's currency is the European Unit (the Euro/€). We recommend that you check with your bank or an exchange office to determine the exchange rate you can expect.

Our prices are in Euros, which is the same currency you should expect to use in France for your transactions. Within France you can exchange currency at the airport, or at local exchange offices and banks: exchange rates and fees vary slightly within France by location. You can usually use your ATM card or credit card to withdraw money from an ATM in France (although you should ask your bank whether you need to obtain an international PIN before you leave your home country), and additionally most places in France accept major credit cards for purchases. Often you can get a better exchange rate by using your credit card instead of exchanging cash or traveler's checks, although you should contact your credit card issuer before you leave to find out whether there are surcharges for foreign purchases. Even if you decide to use your credit card or bank check-card with a credit card logo on your trip, it is still advisable to carry at least a small amount of cash with you in case you come across a place that only accepts cash.

Also, be aware that just as many businesses in the U.S. and Canada no longer accept $100 bills, some businesses in Europe are refusing the higher-denomination Euro bills, due to increases in counterfeiting and the difficulty of making change.

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Where is Semur-en-Auxois?
Semur-en-Auxois is located in the world-famous Cote d'Or department of the Burgundy (Bourgogne) region of France, about halfway between Paris and Geneva. It is also almost exactly midway between the wine centers of Chablis and Beaune. Burgundy is a region rich in culture and history, and famous for its food and wine. Semur-en-Auxois is itself a town filled with fascinating historical sights as well as more modern amenities, the perfect blend of quaint French-countryside living and up-to-date resources. For more information, see our pages about Semur-en-Auxois and about the Burgundy region.

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Do I have to speak French to visit Semur-en-Auxois?
Although it is extremely helpful to know at least some of the more common French words and phrases, it is not necessary to be fluent in the French language to experience all Semur-en-Auxois has to offer. There is a tourist bureau in the centre-ville (the oldest and most central part of the town), where there is usually at least one person who speaks English. In addition, many of the locals speak at least partial English. In our experience the people of Semur have always been extremely friendly and willing to help foreigners, whether they speak French or not, but they certainly appreciate it when you try!

Here are some basic French phrases to get you started:

English French Pronunciation
Hello Bonjour bohn-joor (soft "J")
Goodbye Au revoir au reh-vwoir
Yes Oui wee
No Non no
Please S'il vous plait see-voo-play
Thank You Merci mare-see
Excuse Me Excusez-moi ex-skyuz-ay mwah
Pardon Pardon parr-dohn
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais? par-lay voo anglay
I want Je voudrais juh voo-dray (soft "J")
How much? C'est combien? say kohm-byen
Where is... Oú est... ooh ay...
the restaurant le restaurant leuh rest-oh-rohn
the hotel l'hotel l'otel
the train station la gare lah garr
the bathroom les toilettes lay twah-lette
a taxi Un taxi uhn taxi
I don't know Je ne sais pas juh nuh say pa (soft "J")
Help me Aidez-moi ay-day mwah

Additionally, there are many online resources that can help you translate words and learn French.

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Do I need a car to visit Semur-en-Auxois?
While most people prefer to rent a car either at the airport or in a neighboring town for their visit to Semur-en-Auxois, a car is not required to fully experience Semur-en-Auxois. Semur is approximately a 2.5 hour drive from Paris, but it is also quite easy to take France's high-speed train (the TGV) to a neighboring town and then take a shuttle or taxi from the train station into Semur-en-Auxois. Once you have settled into the house, you will find that it is within walking distance of the historical centre-ville, as well as several bakeries, restaurants, and local grocery and convenience stores. In fact, the entire town of Semur-en-Auxois is explorable by day-walks from the house.

Additionally, while it is certainly possible to visit local sights of Burgundy by car, it is also possible to do so by walking, by bicycle, or by horse ride, the latter two of which may be rented locally. If you plan to do a lot of exploring outside of Semur, however, we do recommend that you rent a car. This can be done at your arrival airport, and there are also rental car offices in Semur and the nearby town of Montbard.

If you do decide to drive in France, we recommend that you make your reservation before you leave your home country to avoid high prices and lack of availability during busy periods. Additionally, we recommend that you become familiar with French driving rules and road signs. Resources for this are available online, such as these sites about Driving Tips and Road Signs, but as always, this information is subject to change and you should check France's official travel bureau for the most up-to-date information.

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What kind of electrical adapters do I need to run my hairdryer, electric razor, etc.?
The electrical outlets in France take a 220-Volt E-type plug with three round prongs arranged in a triangle. Most of Europe uses the same voltage for its electricity as France, but their plugs are not the same shape. If you live in North America, you will need to not only adapt to the different shape of plug but also to convert to a different voltage. Therefore, no matter where you are from, it is likely that you will need an adapter to use the electrical outlets in France. You should purchase your adapters before you leave your home country, and ask a representative at your local travel store to make sure that whatever you purchase will protect your portable appliances. A list of resources on electrical adapters for different countries is available from the website Electricity in Europe: Converters, adapters, voltages.

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What kind of amenities are available in the village?
Semur-en-Auxois is simultaneously a town rich in history dating back to the 7th century B.C.E. and a modern, self-sufficient community. The amenities available in the town include three large grocery stores, half a dozen bakeries, a pharmacy, and a hospital, as well as museums, theatres, and many restaurants serving all types of food from traditional French fare to Italian and even Californian. Please note that some stores in France are closed on Sundays, Mondays, and major holidays, so it is advisable to determine whether your trip coincides with any French holidays, since during those days some amenities might not be available.

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What kind of activities are available in and around Semur-en-Auxois?
Whether your intent during your vacation is to sit back and relax or to fill your days and nights with activities, Semur-en-Auxois and the surrounding villages have all you'll need. Along with the many chateaus, vineyards, and sites of historical interest within short distances from Semur, you can also explore the countryside via:
    Horseback Riding
    Rock Climbing
    Canal Pathways
    Activities at nearby Lac du Pont (freshwater lake)

Once you have made a reservation with us, we will provide you with information on activities such as these that are available to you from Semur-en-Auxois and in the Burgundy region in general.

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The house and the Pont des Minimes
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For current specials and those wishing to stay for extended periods of time, please contact us for the rental price. Also, if you wish to ask questions before deciding on a reservation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our contact information is provided here and at the bottom of every page on this website.

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Testimonials from our Clients

Many of our guests have written us to express their appreciation for the house and the town of Semur-en-Auxois. We also receive suggestions from time to time, which we welcome.

Each of the other pages on our website displays a randomly-chosen excerpt from a guest review. Here, you will find the full reviews, with the most recent displayed first.

If you would like to contact any of these guests to verify their reviews, please let us know and, with their permission, we will provide you with their contact information.


A wonderful retreat. Lovely views from all sides. A charming town. Cozy when it's cold. We love the fireplace in the kitchen. Thanks for the access to English-language TV. Not much open or to do on Armistice Day & weekend, but the supermarket was open, and we cooked a tasty dinner -- still have not figured out induction stoves. Appreciated the ample hot water.

Frank & Linda, Houston, USA
November 2017

Owners' Note: So glad you found the house cozy and enjoyed the views! We agree the induction stove takes a little getting used to if you've never used one. It boils water so fast! And even though one of our family is a physicist, it still seems like magic sometimes. We'll make sure the house guide is updated with step-by-step instructions on its use. Thank you!


We had a wonderful time in your beautiful home. We fell in love with Burgundy. It is so pretty here, it takes your breath away!

We home to come back someday & visit again.

Jack & Suzanne, USA
October 2017


Our adult family have had a wonderful time in your house. Everything we needed was here (except we couldn't find tea towels). Picture perfect location on the river. Very comfortable. Semur and surrounds just a delight. One day we will be back.

Tracy & Richard & Family, Australia & France
September 2017

Owners' Note: Ah, the towel question -- seemingly innocuous, yet the topic of so much discussion among rental owners. How many? What sizes? What colours? How fluffy? Everyone has different expectations and wishes, and there seems to be very little agreement. However, we expect the lack of tea towels was just an accidental oversight, and we've made sure to add double-checking for them to the changeover to-do list!


We love your beautiful home - the amazing view and location - and enjoyed the fireplace, living here as if it was our own. Thank you.

The people we encountered throughout the week were friendly and helpful. Even had a few laughs with our communication issues!

Ron & Patty, USA
September 2017


We had a lovely time at the house for 3 days -- lots of relaxing, a trip to the local market and chateaux, plus walks around the river. Thank you very much.

Katie & Mike, London
August 2017


Very pleasant week in lovely surroundings!

We had a day ride along the Canal de Bourgogne - it's very convenient to rent the bicycles at Montbard tourism office which is close to the river.

Tarik, Yasmine & Family, France
August 2017


We loved our stay here and were pleasantly surprised by your welcome basket!

Max, Paul & Family, Holland
August 2017


A truly wonderful week. Thank you.

Debbie, Peter, Helen and Don, Australia
October 2016


We've had a lovely week in this unique house. Loved Semur-en-Auxois & enjoyed the Sunday market. Friendly neighbour & friendly ducks! Wall-to-wall sunshine the first five days so we enjoyed sitting by the river watching the world go by & enjoying the peace & tranquility.

Disappointing meal at (la parenthese) but we had our bikes with us & found some excellent lunch stops.

PS - Excellent welcome basket. Bien merci!

Roger, Dilys, Dave, and Carol, UK
September 2016

Owners' Note: What a shame to hear about your experience at (la parenthese). It replaced a town favourite restaurant, Au Douze, and although we haven't yet had a chance to try it ourselves, we had high hopes. We enjoyed Le Cheval Blanc in Alesia, which is on par in terms of price, excellent food, and not too far a drive. In town there are several other options, of course, but I'm not sure anything yet available is reaching for the same sort of heights as (la parenthese). Hopefully it was just a fluke that night!


Just perfect! We really don't want to leave... we'll be back! We've loved every second and felt more peaceful and relaxed than we've ever felt on holiday. Just the right combination of rustic and modern, everything we needed and brilliant hosts to make arrangements. Semur is just gorgeous. Dragonflies, damselflies, ducks & delight! You must go to Beaune, and the Abbey de Fontenay. We didn't do much else, except pootle around in the villages and drink Cremant!

Thank you to the owners, bonnes vacances to future visitors!

Julie & Phil, UK
September 2016


A unique house in a stunning setting with plenty of windows from which to enjoy the views. I enjoyed sitting out on the upper terrace reading whilst dad & son did some sketching in the village.

The house was particularly well-equipped, and we did appreciate the welcome basket, thank you.

Zoe & Keith, UK
August 2016


- A brilliant paint site.
- Very comfortable
- Lovely village
- Good food
- Thanks. Loved it all!

Terry, Cayman Islands
August 2016


Semur-en-Auxois is a beautiful place and the people are so friendly. Although we don't speak much French, we got by, no problem. The house is quirky, being two couples it was nice to both have our own space, but it's an interesting run up the steps if it rains lol, bathrobes needed for morning coffee walks to kitchen from base room. We explored the area and would recommend a trip to wine routes! Only 40 mins. Beaune is lovely, be prepared to spend more on wine here, but Chateau Pommard is lovely to visit and sample the wines. Chablis is also a lovely place, lots of little caves and places to eat. 'Maison Camu Fils' does a great Chablis as do 'William Fauve'. The food market on Sunday is small but pleasant. The supermarket has a good selection though.

All in all a relaxing, beautiful stay with everything we needed, and we are leaving with a car full of lovely wine! Thank you for a lovely stay.

PS - look out for 'Martin', the friendly hedgehog!

Liz, Andrew, Julian, and Fiona, UK
July 2016

Owners' Note: We're so glad you found the bathrobes useful! We've also set up a coffee/tea station with a kettle in the downstairs bedroom, so if it rains the next time you stay you can have a cuppa without having to traverse the stairs!


Tonight is our last night in Semur and our 5th night of a wonderful honeymoon trip to France, which thanks to you has been a dream! Mona, my new wife, and I have enjoyed every second of our stay and could not get enough of all the beauty and magic that surrounds this place. We had rain, thunderstorms, sun, starry skies, and just spectacular weather all 5 days and took walks up and down the hill to the city every day. Thank you for sharing your home with us. We are forever grateful and will tell everyone about this place.

Shervin & Mona, USA
June 2016


This was our second stay here and we enjoyed it very much! Our aim was to buy local produce and with the help of some kitchen aids I brought with me I cooked a meal every night and some lunches which we enjoyed on the little stone table down by the river. Highlights for me were: the farmer's market in town on Sunday morning, the walk to get there, Aux Vieux Paves restaurant in Semur, a La Fortune du Pot in Vezelay (excellent food and the best gluten free bread I have ever tasted!) and best of all the view from every window!

Thank you so much for the basket of goodies!

Paul and Robbie, Australia
May 2016

Owners' Note: We're so, so pleased you enjoyed your stay. And we'll be in touch to see if there are things we can add to the kitchen so that when you come back again you don't have to bring anything from your Australian kitchen! (Unless we're talking about Vegemite, which I'm afraid we may not have an easy time sourcing. But we'll try!)


Wonderful stay - the highlights:

- Restaurant in Vezelay: Le Bougainville
- biking the canal north of Montbard - rent bicycle at the tourist office there
- Abbey Fontenay
- Dinner here by the fire.

Polly, Jim, Lee, and Lori, USA
September 2015


Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your wonderful holiday home. We have had a lovely time exploring the beautiful town and surrounding villages but particularly enjoyed several days at the lac des Settons (great fun on the pedalos). L (13 years) enjoyed fishing outside and managed to catch two pike and a roach until his fishing rod was unfortunately pinched by some local lads (we assume)!

Would love to stay again.

Chris, Stephanie, C & L, UK
August 2015


A wonderfull house in a stunning setting. Semur is a beautifull town. And we loved staying there. Very relaxing. Could have stayed a lot longer. Jerry is a great host and was very helpfull prior via email. Would love to visit again.

Jadine, South Africa
August 2015


Hi Jerry & Kathy

Just a quick email to say thank you! We have truly loved the house.

My 6yo & 4yo boys have had such an amazing time exploring the house, garden & river. It's been a real treat, there are even baby duckling here at the moment that we've fed each day. The town is wonderful, even better than we expected!

It's our last night here, and we could've easily stayed longer.

We will definitely be recommending to friends and family.

L & A, Malaysia
July 2015


Like so many previous guests, we *so* enjoyed this beautiful and peace-filled home. The salon stayed cool despite the local "heat wave" - and we thoroughly enjoyed the upstairs deck with its amazing night views of the ramparts.

Spent a day with Authentic-Tours in the Cote d'Or region - the guide (Mark) did a great job of helping us to understand the complexities of the wines, labels, locales. Had a superb lunch at Des Jardins des Remparts in Beaune.

The local wine store (Oenetheque) on the pedestrian walking area is a gem - ask for Patrick.

Two added stops to see: the village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain and he Les Anis shop (amazingly old factory of candy pastilles) and the town of Alise (great lunch at Auberge du Cheval Blanc)!

Many thanks to Kathy and Jerry - we hope to be back.

Nancy & Glenn, Arizona, USA
July 2015

Owners' Note: The aniseed pastilles are highly addictive, and the other flavors are excellent as well! In a pinch you can buy them at the grocery store in Semur, but we agree that a trip to the factory is absolutely worth it. Thank you!


What a beautiful town. We had an amazing time. Your house was lovely and comfortable in a quiet location. Thank you for the memories we take with us.

Lynda & Neville, Australia
June 2015


We are so pleased we chose to stay in your beautiful house. After months of anticipation we were not disappointed! Semur is a great place and a week was not long enough. As we didn't have a car we walked 'uptown' every day to explore. The musee is excellent and the glaces of the patisserie opposite the toy shop - magnifique!

Thank you for sharing your home.

Helen & Steve, Australia
May 2015


We came, we saw, and we were captivated!!! Love the town, our wonderful place, restaurants, surrounding countryside (even the cows), wine, weather (perfect).

Semur is the best!

R & N, California, USA
May 2015


This was our second time staying in your house. It is truly a magical place. Seven days went by too quickly. Hope to be back soon. Thanks for sharing it.

Scott & Ginger, USA
May 2015


We had a fantastic holiday. The welcome basket, the setting, and everything provided made us feel at home. We loved it and also loved the town.

We will recommend this home to our friends.

John and Emma, UK
April 2015


Had a great time, walled city is beautiful and flowers & greenery so lush. Amazing. Great croissants & coffee & hot chocolate. Ate out in "intra act" restaurant and cooked as well. Open market was so abundant, meat, cheeses, fruits... loved the house but need to update kitchen tools. A couple of sharp knives (or sharpener) and 2 or 3 dish towels. Everything worked well. Semur was central to small and medium villages to sightsee such as Vezesay, Montbard, Avallon, Fontenay. Easy town to manoeuvre in and to take a run in. Loved mes amis -- duckies by the droves. They loved bread! I loved them and their voices at night! We love France. Thank you for your beautiful, comfortable home away from home!

D & H, California, USA
October 2014

Owners' Note: Thank you for such lovely comments! We have replaced the tea towels and the knives, and we have also ordered a new sharpener.


Thank you for sharing your lovely gite with us and making it possible for us to experience this magical place. The riverside is so idyllic that we could hardly tear ourselves away to sight-see, but we loved the Burgundy countryside - the wide open fields and wooded valleys. Best sites: Beautiful garden at Lantilly, Chateau in lovely setting at Bussy-Rabutin, Epoisses chateau.

The Petit Train is definitely the best way to orientate yourself in Semur, but I strongly advise anyone with back problems not to do it, as it's a very bumpy roller-coaster of a ride!

Rosemary and David, UK
August 2013


We've had a wonderful 2 weeks in Semur - beautiful spot, peaceful and comfortable.

Enjoyed plenty of drives in the local area visiting some of the "most beautiful villages of France", namely Noyers, Montreal, Chateauneuf, Flavigny and special sites e.g. Abbaye de Fontenay, Vezelay, Alesia, each special in its own way.

The best meals have been in Alise St Reine (Cheval Blanc) and Bernard Loiseau's 3* Michelin in Saulieu - a *very* special occasion place.

Wine from the supermarche has been good quality and price.

Enjoy your stay here!

Phil and Louise, Australia
June 2013


What an absolutely wonderful week! From the moment we spotted the medieval towers we were in love! Your beautiful home charmed us at every turn. It was completely stocked, and comfortable, and peaceful. When the TV and DVD didn't respond Ian was here in a nano-second. We ate at home, took picnics on our explorations, and liked the convenience of "Les Minimes" across the bridge. Mon mari, Chuck, broke his wrist on our second day in Semur. He tripped climbing to the village center. We were so impressed with the fast and capable service at the local hospital. He was patched and out the door in no time! What a surprise and relief! Your neighbors all welcomed us, and Jacqueline took out our trash cans and brought us a bouquet of roses. *So* nice!!

We leave tomorrow, and sadly. It was a trule memorable time. Merci beaucoup!! XO

Oh, I forgot to say thank you for the overflowing welcome basket. And, we enjoyed eating at Auberge Vittelliene in Vitteaux (30 minute drive).

Betty Lou and Chuck, California
June 2013

Owners' Note: We're so glad you enjoyed the house, so sorry to hear about the mishap, and so glad that all was resolved quickly! The hospital in Semur-en-Auxois was part of why we chose a house here. It's not that we want to use it often, but we like knowing it's there for us and for our guests. Hope to see you again sometime!


Thank you for a pleasant (although not uneventful) stay in Semur-en-Auxois. Other than the flooding (which is very uncommon), our stay here was very peaceful. We would strongly advise the anise factory in Flavigny (the lemon drops are delicious, and there are free samples) and the 12k hike around Lac de Pont. The walk is flat and stays right on the lake. If you have an interest in buying mustard in Dijon, remember the brand and flavor(s) you want and buy it at the Intermarche, where it is significantly less expensive.

Getting a picture like that on the 1,000-piece puzzle was a goal of ours that was, unfortunately, never accomplished. We did enjoy renting bikes from the tourist office in Montbard (when we were there, it was closed from 13:00-14:00) and riding along the canal for 2.50 euros per bike per hour.

Patisserie Notre Dame's Louvres are excellent. Thank you!

Jerry and Susan, USA
May 2013

Owners' Note: Thank you so much for staying with us... and what an adventure! The river is controlled via an upstream system of dams, so flooding is indeed highly unusual -- when we purchased the house we were assured that it only happens once every 30 years or so! You were such great sports about all of it, and we want to thank both you and our fabulous on-site property managers for making sure everyone was safe and warm at all times. And don't worry, the waters receded the next day!


Experiencing springtime bursting out is beautiful. We appreciated the intermittent sunshine (beers on the little square 'patio' across from the firewood), and when cooler, savored the glowing blowing fireplace.

Love the salon's ambiance - warm textured accent wall and original oil paintings.

Each dawn and dusk mockingbirds sang their ever-variable melodies - extraordinary!

Thank you for sharing all this with us.

N & B, USA
March 2013


Great place, great food & great wines!!! What else can you ask for? Spent almost 3 weeks and everything was just perfect.

Diana & George, Florida, USA
October 2012


What a fairy tale week in Semur-en-Auxois! As much as we love Paris -- the beauty and charm of this hamlet far exceeds the hustle and bustle of the city of lights! From chateaux-hopping in the parc Morvan to enjoying the best cheeses and wines -- this leg of our 4-week France adventure has been most special! Thank you for sharing your riverside abode with us.

Roy and Bridget, San Francisco
September 2012


We have enjoyed our wonderful time here. We have loved the house, river, village & touring around the area. It's a piece of paradise in an outstandingly heavenly place.

We especially enjoyed our visit to Alesia.

Thank you so much.

Julia, Rob, Maggie and Barry, Sydney
September 2012


Wow!! It is hard to describe the peace and joy that this cottage and village offer. The house is wonderfully equipped, the setting magical and the area overwhelmingly interesting. Back road drives to Beaune, Vezelay, and Autun provided a wealth of experiences. We spent the day of our 30th anniversary enjoying the cottage and each other... no better place could be imagined for it. Thank you for making it possible.

Anne & Marvin, Seattle, USA
August 2012


Dear Brooke, Kathy & Jerry -

Dave and I fell in love with your home and Semur. We made lots of excursions to other villages but always came back thinking that we love Semur the best. Highlights include a 40 mile bike ride in the canal to Ancy-le-Franc and back; attending a musical at "hospital" - we didn't understand what was going on but it was great nonetheless; a daily visit to the boulangerie for une traditionelle and two pain au chocolat and visits to Vezelay, Noyers and Flavigny. The weather was perfect, the house was most comfortable. Many, many thanks.

Linda & Dave, Virginia, USA
July 2012


Some of our comments are e-mailed, some given over the phone, and others are hand-written in our guest book.

Dear Brooke, Kathy and Jerry,

Had a wonderful and relaxing stay at your charming home in Semur. Our week was filled with sightseeing -- the Abbaye de Fontenay and Flavigny-sur-Ozerain were particular highlights -- as well as wildlife encounters with the many bird species found right around the house, as well as various lizards, French cats, and a beaver that swam right by us one evening while sitting outside sipping wine... such a magical place.

Had a fantastic dinner at l'Hostellerie d'Aussois (le Mermoz), and afterwards was pleasantly surprised to find hundreds of giant slugs and snails out for a jaunt in the grass after the rain! Suddenly the Bourguignon snail souvenirs everywhere made sense!

Ok, enough about the snails.

We loved driving in the country and seeing the beautiful views, as well as chatting with the incredibly friendly locals. And the ducks -- our first day here there were 2, and after one feeding, we were greeted by 19 of them. So relaxing watching them snoozing about on the lawn.

Overall, a lovely experience here -- can't wait to come back!

Bob, Cathy & Anne, Toronto
July 2012


What a wonderful home for a two week vacation!

We did not have the best of weather for this time of year, but still enjoyed ourselves hugely. We particularly enjoyed our visits to the Fontenay Abbey, to the new museum of Roman life at Alesia and the wonderfully quirky local museum in Semur and the even more quirky museum of Burgundy life in Dijon (an easy train ride from Veneray).

And the house is great with all the facilities we needed for a lunch outdoors when the sun shone or a stay indoors when the rains came.

It is a very special house!

Jan & John, London, UK
June 2012


Bliss? Sublime? Sensual, captivating, peaceful, charming - qu'est ce qu'on peut dire? A marvelous spot, this retreat on the river, province of the ducks (and goose!) and history. We loved it all. Then the Cote d'Or, the medieval festival, Flavigny, site of "Chocolat," the food, ahh, and the wines, ah, the wines. Grapes of God, transformed into pure delight. We ate so well (from 1st night together at "Minimes"), walked, "felt" (4-5 days of sunshine, too!), talked, reveled, and slept. T'was all we had hoped.

Chris and Sandi, Denver, USA
May 2012


We loved our stay in your darling house. It had everything we needed. We were toasty warm when the weather turned cold. The location was AMAZING!!!! The views of the river, bridge and lovely village were terrific to be only surpassed by the views of the towers and turrets. I must have taken 100 pictures. Semur in and of itself is charming, it being considered one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN BURGUNDY, but it also serves as a great base for touring the whole area: Avallon, Vezelay, Chablis, the Abbey at Fontenay, Dijon, and Beaune. Again, many thanks for providing us with a lovely home away from home.


Cami, USA
April 2012


Thank you so much for our recent stay - such a beautiful village. We never ventured outside of Semur and walked everywhere. Locals friendly, lovely eateries. A perfect start to our holidays. Thanks once again and I have recommended to friends who are interested in staying in country France.

Barbara, Australia
March 2012



Hi Brooke, this is Donna, calling from your beautiful home in Semur. I just wanted to give you a call and tell you that we really, really enjoyed ourselves. We felt like we were living in the middle of a fairytale land. It's just so beautiful here. We want to thank you for all your recommendations. In fact, we ended up eating twice at Entr'Acte. Great pizza; we really enjoyed it. And we had lots and lots of wonderful, wonderful experiences. So thank you very, very much, and we are definitely looking forward to coming back again one day. Thank you, and take care!

Donna K., California
October 2011


Where to begin? Janie and I have been meaning to write you concerning our wonderful experience on our 50th wedding anniversary.

Our two weeks in France were exceptional. To begin with your home. Each time we would return after a day of adventure it felt as if we were returning to our home and not to some rather sterile space. We spent considerable time in the sitting/living room reading and listening to music. Was that a French version of the Whiffen Poofs we heard? It certainly sounded like it. We had breakfast in the corner of the sitting room with the windows open listening to the honking ducks, a delightful sound, especially in the morning and evening. The rest of the house worked perfectly for us as well.

Semur is a fine representative of a medieval town. We took two walking tours and became quite familiar with its nooks and crannies. Our first night there we had dinner at La Terrasse. I couldn't wait to have escargot and they were as good as anticipated.

The first week we concentrated on the northern part of the Burgundy country. We visited Les Caves Bailly Lapierre and afterward discovered a fabulous restaurant about a mile further on along the Yonne. Its name is Auberge Les Tilleuls (12, Quai De L'Yonne, 89290 Vincelottes, We went there for a noontime Sunday meal and Chef, Alain Renaudin prepared a tremendous meal for us.

The second week we concentrated on a part of the Southern portion of the Burgundy country. We experienced a memorable wine tasting lunch at Olivier Leflaive's La Maison, Place du Monument, Puligny-Montrachet (3 80 21 37 65) and ended up having a case of different wines from the vineyard sent home.

With the exception of Semur and Beaune our time was spent in the small villages and along the canals in the countryside. Needless to say, our two weeks provided us with experiences that will be with us for many years to come. Your home was the center of it all. Thanks so much.

Willard and Jane, USA
August 2011

Owners' Note: What a lovely review for us, and it will also be incredibly helpful to future guests! Thank you so much, and happy anniversary!


Hello Brooke,

Well . . . . what more can I say.

Semur and your house were the highlight of my two weeks in Europe. Our day trips in Burgundy? Perfect!! (except for Dijon, too large a city for my taste!)

Your house? Would go back in a heartbeat . . . loved the Sunday market, kept us in cheese and sausage all week!

SO glad I found you!

Very best regards,

Kris, New York, USA
September 2010


At last I have found a few minutes to tell you that we really loved our holidays in your house - in spite of the fact that it was incredibly hot at that time and we didn't see as much as we intended to. Nevertheless we enjoyed Burgundy and the boys had no problem with their room downstairs. They loved the ducks, the lizards, the dragonflies and even watched fireflies at night.

As the cleaner will have told you yet I broke one of your wine glasses while cleaning it in the sink. I hope that - in spite of this damage - we will get most of our the refundable damage deposit back, won't we?!?

My husband gave the address of your webpage to a colleague, who is interested to spend his holidays in Burgundy next year.

Now we wish you the best for the future. For our next holidays we plan to go to England - to Cornwall and Devon.

If you should ever intend to spend your holidays in Germany - just contact us.

Annette W., Germany
July 2010

Owners' Note: No worries -- we never charge for small accidental breakages! Your deposit is en route in full, and we're so glad you enjoyed your stay despite the record-breaking heat this summer!


Dear Brooke, Kathy & Jerry -

Thank you for sharing your lovely, charming home with us. We had such a fun week. You are the perfect host/hostesses. Your home was a wonderful respite.

It was delightful to find all the treats when we arrived. Many thanks!

We hope to return again sometime.

Marla & James, San Diego, USA
June 2010


Semur-en-Auxois' ramparts at night, from our holiday rental.

Our time in Semur these last few days has been magical! Words cannot express how much fun we have had staying at your amazing house, exploring every nook & cranny of this spectacular village & enjoying cheese & wine with great friends! I keep re-living our lunch at Au Douze and how magnificent our Coq Au Vin was! Thank you so much for sharing this special place with us!

We also loved our adventure to Chablis where we all got to taste fabulous wines together & pretend we were professional wine experts for the day.

We are going to miss waking up every morning and walking through the historic village to enjoy our daily croissants and cafe au lait at Guyon!

Thank you again for everything. We haven't stopped smiling since we got here!

P.S. - This place is truly magical. The minute we turned the corner into Semur we felt we were transported back to the 12th century. The most spectacular view was from the beautiful upstairs at night looking at the ramparts lit up. It was awesome!

Lyn & Jen, San Diego, USA
March 2010


Kathy & Jerry:

Your home in this charming village of Semur is so comfortable.

We had a whole day of hard snow. The fireplace kept us cozy as we watched the ducks wonder what was going on with this snow on their backs. We were thankful you left the day before, because you wouldn't have made it out that day, Kathy.

We know every back street of your village and love each one. Every adventure we have had here is surrounded with beautiful countryside, so that we didn't care if we ever made it to our destination.

Found a patisserie, Les Semurettes, near the church whose owner speaks very good English and spends time in New York.

Mike is enjoying his tiling project and I'm enjoying watching him with my "splash."

The Sunday morning farmer's market was lots of fun, as were the vendors.

We are enthralled with the view from your kitchen window of the old house across the river with all the chimneys - Mike keeps finding a new one every day.

Marcia & Mike, Las Vegas, USA
March 2010

Owners' Note: The tiled kitchen backsplash looks fantastic - that was so nice of you!

We agree that Les Semurettes is an incredible patisserie. Every time we visit, we bring home as many gift boxes of their signature chocolates as we can. We only ever end up giving away half of them -- the rest mysteriously disappear before they leave the house!


The quaint town of Epoisses is home to a gorgeous chateau.

Three days in Semur unwound this set of four busy travelers. The house was beautiful and we enjoyed walking along the river, discovering bridges and exploring staircases. The Abbey de Fontenay was amazing and we enjoyed being taken back in time thinking about the monks all hard at work. The meal at Epoisses was "interesting," but we made it through! And now the cheese is insisting on stinking up the kitchen, we feel very French! A fantastic few days in a lovely house.

Thank you.

Julie, John, Cathie, Walter, London and Australia
November 2009


We spent 6 weeks here in September, October and November of 2009, and have had a wonderful time.

Favorite restaurants in town:

- La Goulue (very casual, reliable, good host, basic local menu)

- Au Douze (modern twists on traditional fare & more inventive food)

- L'Hostellerie de l'Aussois (upscale setting, traditional foods, great desserts)

Favorite restaurants elsewhere:

- Pernand Verglesses - Le Charlemagne - very unusual, 1 Michelin star

- Leezy - Le Morvan - modern, not traditional

Favorite sightseeing: just driving around the countryside.

Everything is closed between 12 and 2, so you might as well enjoy a nice long lunch!

The W family, California, USA
November 2009


Semur-en-Auxois' cathedral square is home to a variety of shops.

A week at the lovely house in Semur was the perfect way to rediscover ourselves and focus on each other and our shared interests: food, wine, cooking, walking, daytrips, and taking in the stunning countryside. We hadn't planned to spend so much time at the house, but ended up cooking there every night. We loved the kitchen fireplace, the incredible Boucherie Notre Dame, the boulangerie (shop early as they typically run out of baguettes and chaussons aux pommes by noon!), and the Sunday market (shop early there, too). We can't comment on the restaurants other than Cafe Mont Drejet where we enjoyed, daily, glasses of good and surprisingly inexpensive Chablis and the most amazing tarte de fromage.

Time seemed to stop when we arrived which was a relief given our pace in Paris the week prior. We arrived Saturday night and settled in with wine, sausages, and chocolate - a welcome gift from the owners as we arrived too late to shop for dinner. We lit a fire, relaxed, ate, drank, and smiled. We awoke to the pleasant quacking of ducks and calls of other birds - a daily wake-up that we miss.

Every day we took a short but steep walk up to town center, to shop, look around, and visit Cafe Mont Drejet. At the boucherie, we found and cooked over the course of the week: incredibly fresh and tender rabbit loin, whole duck (quite different from American duck - cooked in an hour!), and a variety of sausages which we grilled. We even bravely tried the house andouliette (tripe sausage) which we poached first then grilled. At the Sunday market, we bought delicious pork loin, a bag full of fresh wild mushrooms, pears, and more. We planned our day trips to Beaune, Chablis, Dijon, and Vezelay, played Scrabble by the fireplace, and enjoyed Epoisses from the Casino Market (imagine buying perfectly ripened cheese from your Seven-11!) with those farmer's market pears. Just right.

One of our favorite discoveries: Several days in a row we walked by an Epicerie just outside the town center and it was always closed. On Thursday, it was open! Outside, a small fresh fish display offered too many temptations. We chose langoustines, which we can't find in Boston, and giant crevettes (like shrimp) for dinner. The langoustines were unbelievably sweet, like tiny lobsters, but more tender. We cooked the tails for not more than a minute in a little butter and wine reduction. The crevettes were just right as an appetizer with lemon juice, salt, and olive oil.

We miss the routine that we settled into after only a day, the ducks, the fireplace, the boucherie, boulangerie, tarte de fromage, the river, the views from all over the village, the view from the kitchen window and from the bedroom terrace, and even the funny scratching sound coming from the roof or shed most early mornings. We felt at home immediately. And it feels good writing this...

Jim and Joni M., Boston, Massachusetts, USA
October 2009

Owners' Note: We have never tried the langoustines from the market, but we certainly will now. And we think the scratching sound is the birds on the roof, but we will check to make sure! Thank you!


Let me start by saying our trip was a huge success. Your cottage served as the jumping off point for our exploration of Burgundy. We started by getting to know Semur: The town square, the Sunday service at the church, the boulongeries, the news stand, the book store, the art galleries, the Boulevards, the Museum, the Cafe in the town square and Au Douze.

We then started travelling out each day in various directions. Semur turned out to be quite central to the things we were interested in. Our first visit was to Fontenay, our second to the Cote de Nuit, the third Vezelay, the fourth the Cote de Beaune and so on. The list: Saulieu, Espoise, Alesia, Flavigny, Autun, back to the Cote de Nuit and finally Beaune itself on Market day.

And as it turned out the trip was equally a gastronomic tour. I mentioned Au Douze but in our travels we ate at: Des Fleurs, La Cabotte, Esparance, Le Monrachet, Le Relais Bernard Loiseau, Les Gourmets and Le Cellier Volnaysien. Unbelieveable!

As you can see from the above the trip was a lifetime experience for us and we thank you for the use of your cottage.

August 2009


It is the first time we have visited Burgundy. The area and Semur in particular are quite lovely and we have enjoyed our stay tremendously. The house is very comfortable and well-equipped, but there are two must-haves: a new shower room downstairs and a light over the sink and cooker.

Phoebe, Trevor, Rita & David, Lincolnshire, England
August 2009

Owners' Note: Your wishes are our command -- we have completely renovated (and enlarged) the downstairs en-suite shower room. We had hoped to have this done prior to the 2009 season, but scheduling conflicts with artisans and the necessity of getting the work done well in advance of the first guests of the season made this impossible. However, it was finished after the 2009 season.

Also, we agree that the new light over the sink and cooker are extremely useful. Thank you for the suggestions!


Barbara and I only arrived home an hour ago and we are missing Semur already. We have both been to Burgundy with our families twice before but neither of us had ever been to Semur - it is gorgeous and the view from the cottage is stunning. We spent our last day (yesterday) going round town, taking a tourist train ride (great fun) and lunching at Au Douze (best meal we have had in a long time). Yesterday evening we went to an open air production of MacBeth which was really very good. So all in all a great way to end a super week in Burgundy.

Sheila J., Surrey
August 2009


Beautiful spot: upper terrace with Pinot & cheese - tres bon!

Dinner at Les Minimes - food was mediocre, basic homestyle - service was horrible. Had to resort to taking water from another table. They had only one waitress, which probably explained it as the room was full.

Visited Chablis and had some wonderful wines. Vintnor David Renaud of Irancy gave us tips on his favorite Chablis (his Irancy reds were terrific).

Wines of Vezelay were not so great but Vezelay was a cute town with an interesting cathedral.

Beaune did not disappoint: a busy and lovely town.

We had some good meals in town at Au Douze and Hostellerie. Also the pizza place on the pedestrian walk was good too.

The living room of the house was lovely and the kitchen was well-appointed.

We had a difficult time keeping the humidity down in the basement bedroom -- the dehumidifier does not seem up to the challenge. The room was very musty.

We had fun negotiating the "bread" system. Some bakeries would not sell us bread on certain days -- but gave it to us willingly the next.

Our last day, we hiked and toured the Abbey Fontenay. So beautiful. Walked through Flavigny in the pouring rain.

Best cheese: hands-down, Epoisses from the town of Epoisses.

We had a wonderful time in a beautiful spot.

Thanks for the food basket and getting the coffee grinder -- nice touches.

For our last night in Semur, went to Le Carpe Diem for dinner. Very good, bistro style -- try the "Nuty" glace!

Travis & Amelia and Annalise & Matt, Newark, Delaware and Portland, Maine, USA
July 2009

Owners' Note: Les Minimes is always a bit of an adventure -- they do get busy and the Madame is typically very kind if you try to speak French, less so if you do not -- but this is the first time we've heard the food was mediocre. It is definitely more homestyle than the up-market food of Au Douze, but I wonder if they were having an off night.

On your notification, we asked our property managers to investigate the dehumidifier in the lower bedroom, and found that there was a minor blockage in the drainage tube that was preventing it from working properly. We have now cleared the drainage tube and it seems to be working fine.

It is part of the French system that, in a town with multiple boulangeries, each of them is closed on a different day of the week. They also coordinate their summer and winter holidays so that the town is guaranteed a bread supply all year round. It can be confusing for newcomers, but the upside is that it means you get to try the best of each bakery!


We had a wonderful stay. Semur is indeed an extraordinary place and your house just perfect, nice, clean, comfortable but the best part of it is the setting, the rampart, the view, the river; we even became friends with the ducks!
We tried to leave the house as tidy as we received, but let me tell you of two minor details: one drinking glass was accidentally broken and we forgot to take out the film Chocolat from the VCR, apart from that I believe we left everything in order.

Antonio S., Mexico
July 2009

Owners' Note: No worries, the deposit is on its way in full. Everything was in perfect order, and we don't charge for small accidental breakages. Thank you for letting us know, so that we can replace it for our next guests! (And we hope you enjoyed our neighbor Flavigny in Chocolat!)


A duck perches on a rock near our patio: perhaps this is M. Canard?

Dear Madame & Monsieur -

I am the "canard de la maison" -- for, the G----- couple who stayed here in these most sumptuous surroundings were either "out touring" all day and night or sleeping soundly from much too much vin rouge, and I am forced to write for them.

Needless to say I am starving, for the G-----s have been very neglectful. Please do not allow them to visit again!

Thankfully, my revenge has been awakening them every morning at four. I also put out the word to my many avian pals so together we are louder than the church bells. Unfortunately, the G-----s are much delighted. They are simply "gushing" about the many beautiful sights which abound near your home. Mrs. G----- is sorely regretting any "canard" a la orange that she may have ordered.

"Thank you, merci," they say.

P.S. - Ms. G----- is also re-thinking the many escargots in garlic and parsley she consumed, for hundreds of their cousins reappear after every rain -- of which there has been much.

P.P.S. - Mr. G-----'s French simply "sucks" -- he once ordered and ate "gambas" at Au Douze and still to this day has no idea what it is. Talk about the "ugly American."

Au Revoir - on behalf of those awful Arizonans.
-- Daffy

M. Canard, on behalf of Jim & Sallie G-----, the river
June 2009

Owners' Note: "canard" means duck in French. Thank you so much, Jim and Sallie, for this wonderful narrative!


Our stay in Semur was, in a word, perfect. The house was simply outstanding... it truly felt like 'home' for the week we were there.

Jim & Sallie, Arizona, USA
June 2009


We appreciated the comments of prior guests and their suggests, most of which we followed -- travel and visits to sites of interest -- a must is a visit to Chablis and its surrounds.

A great little house with all the comforts we could wish for. Great food and wine & we particularly enjoyed our picnic lunches in the country.

All the comforts of home & the food package was most appreciated.

David & Faye and Kevin & Gail, North Queensland and Gold Coast, Australia
June 2009


Great house, lovely village, wonderful food and wine -- what more can one say!!

A magic place to spend Christmas and New Year's.

Au Douze a must.

David & Annemarie, Australia, and Stephen & Kate, London
January 2009


Alas it's almost time to leave this wonderful house and amazing town. We have enjoyed every moment and the weather has been perfect. Even the delightful little lady at the end of Impasse Caron who was anxious to inform us of the rights and wrongs will be missed! We ventured out each day in our car to explore the wonders of Burgundy and it wasn't just the sights we set out to see, but the amazing discoveries along the way which most of the time we simply stumbled upon that made our stay so enjoyable. We had a delightful meal at Les Minimes but most nights we indulged in the delicacies, accompanied by wines, we picked up from the region and enjoyed the ambience of the house's lovely salon.

So with a heavy heart we bid "au revoir" & hopefully "a bientot" to la belle maison sur l'Armancon!

Janice M. & Bryan G., Mooloolaba, Qld Australia
October 2008


We have had both the fortune and misfortune of spending a single night here. What a wonderful spot -- one that we feel we must return to for a longer spell. The river and its environs are dreamy and the house itself takes full advantage through its ideal position. Thanks for sharing!

P.S. - I just spotted your March entry, Kathy & Jerry, and the mention of renovations. For what it's worth, we all agree this Salon was one of the cosiest, most successful lounge spaces we have seen. Hope the works don't involve alteration of *this* space!

P.P.S. - Need a live-in architect??? Martin would be happy to oblige! (With a couple of assistants thrown in.) Cheers!

Sophie A., Martin, Dmitri and Eleni C., Flemington, Melbourne, Australia
October 2008

Owners' Note: Thanks for the offer! Don't worry, we didn't change a thing in the Salon -- just gave it a fresh coat of paint!


The Basilica at Vezelay is magnificent and well worth a visit.

Thank you for the stay at your wonderful escape from reality! We had a great adventure here in Burgundy. The weather could have been better (of course, today, our last day, was perfect!!) but it did not stop us from putting over 1000 km on our rental car!!! Today we visited Avalon and Vezelay. They were beautiful!! We enjoyed our tour of Chateau Mersault. Lunch in Beaune was great as was the wine tasting class. All was perfect! My favorite was driving on the beautiful quiet roads and admiring the surroundings, and imagining what was happening here long ago!

We are now off to Paris, but I would love to return here some day!

Au Revoir...

P.S. - The ducks love a treat at midnight!

Cathy & Vincent, NYC, USA
October 2008


Our party of four have had a delightful time in this beautiful town that looks as if it is caught in a time warp! (Except for the crane outside the living room window!) Trips to Abbey de Fontenay, Flavigny, Chateauneuf, Beaune, Meursault, Nuits St. George are *so* scenic!

Thanks for installing the handrail for the stairs to the downstairs bedroom. We've loved gathering in the cozy living room. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

The Peakes & The Wallaces, AZ & CA
September 2008

Owners' Note: The crane, thankfully, is now gone!


Our family of five (a brother, two sisters and spouses) have spent the last two weeks in our thoughtfully appointed "rural retreat." During these past 14 days we have scoured this rich environment over a 35 km radius. Quaint villages and picture postcard views held us in awe at every turn. We visited all/many of the main attractions but also "discovered" by accident a splendid view of Sermigelles and a charming church on an adjacent hill. Equally as interesting was the flat 11 km walk around the circumference of Lac du Pont and the canal at Pouilly.

We have eaten all things French -- baguettes by the score and the marvellous French tarts (Tarte citron from the first little patisserie was consistently magic)!

We now move on to the next stage of our adventure -- to Mersault.

Au revoir and merci!

Graeme and Jenny, Jen and Kevin, Margot, Benalla, Australia
September 2008


We enjoyed the village so much we only left it one day for a visit to Beaune.

Howard missed his guitar, so bought a new one from Auxois music. There is a musical warehouse within walking distance!

Lovely lazy holiday.

Sheelagh and Howard, Harrogate, England
July 2008


Sorry to have to leave!

Had a great time. Will be back.

Please, feed the ducks at the end of the garden.

Cheryl, Atlanta, Georgia
June 2008


A lovely place in Semur, quiet and peaceful.

Fontenay, Beaune and Dijon are a must see.

Enjoyed the eccentricity of Minimes and a delicious meal at Le Sagittaire.

It has been a great week, "shame about the weather."

Thank you -- you have a lovely place.

Beets & Palmers, Australia
June 2008


Just writing to let you know that we received the cleaning + damage refund and to let you know that we thought that your lovely house in Semur was just wonderful. We loved everything about the house and besides feeling so very comfortable and pampered I especially loved the postcard views from the salon windows and also from the upstairs bedroom. I was pleased to note that you use all the same cleaning products as I do here in Australia so it was good to know that we were doing our bit for the planet whilst overseas. Thanks also for the 'welcome pack' we purchased groceries on the way but it was great to have some milk as my husband purchased something called fermented milk from the Supermarket and believe me it looked horrid in my tea. We also loved the small selection of movies; Notting Hill being a favourite and it put us in the mood for our next accommodation at The Ritz in London.

Paul and Robbie S., Wahroonga, Australia
May 2008


A charming outbuilding in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, near our vacation rental in Semur-en-Auxois.

A beautiful, charming cottage, where we had a relaxing time after 4 weeks on the go in Spain. Nice to have snacks and home cooked meal for a change from hotels & restaurants. Had a few sunny days, with everything in bloom -- made your heart sing! Spring in Burgundy is magic! Very generous spirit from the owners -- terrific Welcome Pack.

We loved the salon in the afternoons.

Flavigny-sur-Ozerain is a lovely town that bears minimal resemblance to that portrayed in "Chocolat". Mediaeval Festival in Semur on weekend of 10-11 May (Pentecost Weekend) was fascinating. It is nice to see a historic mediaeval town still so alive.

Had a lovely time here!

Wendy and Nick B., Melbourne, Australia
May 2008


Thank you for sharing this amazing place.

We had a peaceful stay and saw some local sites during our visit.

Jay, Andrew and Tonya M., Milan, NY, USA
April 2008


Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our visit to Semur-en-Auxois. It is a very special place and we met so many friendly and helpful people. We made good friends with the people at Les Minimes and celebrated New Years at the restaurant.

Thanks again and we had a wonderful time. We loved the ducks - better than an alarm clock in the morning!

Anne C., Scottsdale, USA
December 2007


We really enjoyed our week at your gite in Semur en Auxois. It is a truly
delightful spot. We found the Wifi network extremely useful. I
particularly enjoyed the wild lift around the river including several
species of dragon and damsel flies and one sighting of a kingfisher.

Rob and Lisa T., Loughborough, UK
September 2007


We loved your house and Semur. The only thing that we would recommend fixing is the shower head in the upstairs bath. No big deal- just thought I'd mention it since you asked. We like to hike and really enjoyed the trail at Lac Du Pont. It was so close and very well maintained and might be something you could add in your information. Thanks again.

Scott L., Louisiana, USA
September 2007

Owners' Note: Thank you, Scott -- we installed a new shower head at the changeover, on your suggestion!


Our gardener cultivates a variety of flowers each season.

Hi Kathy and Jerry,

I just wanted to write and tell you that we had the most satisfying vacation of our lives at your "home away from home" in Semur. I fell in love with it all...every moment of it...the rain..the sunshine....the heat....the river...the food....the countryside...I could go on and on and on, but I'm sure you've heard it before. We found ourselves "partaking" up until the very last moment, and therefore, I did not find an extra moment to write a note of thanks or praise in your journal. I want you to know that I have already recommended your home as a vacation spot to many friends, and I hope they heard me when I said it would be worth their time to explore the possibility. What an extraordinary spot you found. Absolutely exquisite and lovelier than your photos display! Ducks included!

We met one of the caretakers as we were leaving, and if I may say an avid gardener and novice horticulturist...I had the impulse to garden again and again and again while I was there. The best I could do with the tools at hand was to feed the soil with egg shells and coffee camera and our paint brushes filled the latent void for the rest.

If by chance you ever decide to sell, call me first!

Most sincerely,

Diana & Keith S., Frankfurt
May 2007


Just a note to say we enjoyed ourselves very much at your house in Semur last week. We had fantastic weather, very hot and sunny.

Judy & Jeff F., Swindon, UK
April 2007


We just flew in from Paris last night. We had a WONDERFUL trip! We loved Semur!!!! Thank you so much for letting us use your house.

What a cute house! I'm sure you love it. I will recommend it to all my friends and family who want a different than Paris french experience. We also loved visiting all the countryside and surrounding sights that we could fit in. We spent most days on the road exploring the area.

Thanks again for your generosity in donating your home for the cystic fibrosis foundation. I have 4 dear family friends who have now or have died from this awful disease. With all our help we can find a cure!

Again, thanks for the experience.

Syndea M., Encinitas, USA
October 2006


We appreciate the return of the security deposit - Thank you for your promptness. Certainly one of the highlights for us during our travels was the stay in Semur. We met the town's vet who lives above the house - when his pumpkin fell into the back yard, and he came looking for it. From then - he invited Brenda and I up for "appertifs", and since this occurred on the first day - we accepted, and became friends with Alain and Monique (and their friend - Mr. Paul). We had numerous "appertif" nights with them after that! Also, we ate quite regularly at the Calibressan, but were sad to learn that Jill and Jean-Michael were closing down and moving to California, just after we left Semur. Sad for the town. Lastly, thanks for the chance to stay there - we let lots of people know about it.

Until the next time....

Randy and Brenda, Malvern, Australia
October 2006


We had a lovely time at your house in Semur. The setting is so peaceful, and the village has so much to offer. We also enjoyed easy day trips to Fontenay Abbey, Flavigny, Dijon and Beaune. It was a very enjoyable week for us!

Thanks very much for sharing your vacation home with us. I would not hesitate to recommend it to friends!

Carl and Lesley P., Charlotte, North Carolina
September 2006


We had a wonderful time in Semur. Many thanks for letting us use your lovely house. The heat was very intense, but we did not allow that to stop our enjoyment and pleasure in Semur and surrounding district. We did finally have to move down from the master bedroom to the much cooler guest room underneath. We have left a small gift in an envelope for you at the house.

Ken & Virginia, Paddington, Australia
July 2006

Owners' Note: Thank you for such a thoughtful gesture! We appreciate it so much. Glad you were able to escape the heat!


We received the Semur house deposit back, thanks! We really had an incredible time at the house and truly enjoyed the fabulous Burgundian countryside.

No worries about the internet . . . we weren't able to get our Mac hooked up since I think it was proprietary toward Windows-based applications. But there was so much to do and see, I'm actually glad we didn't have the distraction.

We will hang on to all of our stuff about the house - we're hoping to come back and visit soon.

Tina W., Las Vegas
July 2006

Owners' Note: We have since adjusted the Wifi and verified that it works on both Macs and PCs, so next time you visit you'll be able to choose your distraction!


We just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time at your home in Semur. The entire week was fantastic. It was absolutely beautiful. We could not stop taking pictures the entire time.

We spent most of our days exploring the near-by villages and our evenings just relaxing and enjoying the atmoshpere on the patio or in the center of Semur.

Mike S., Houston, Texas
June 2006


Dear Jerry and Kathy,
Thanks for the refund of our security deposit. To be honest, I had forgotten about it myself. We had a wonderful time in Semur. We took the TGV to Dijon and picked up our rental car before making the trip to Semur. The SuperMarche was open when we arrived so laying in supplies was not a problem. Your house was a great location both within Semur and in Burgundy. We did all the things you suggested and more, and had a lovely time. Jill at Calibressan was helpful in understanding all the local doings and issues, and we enjoyed all the local restaurants. Our only problem was that the time was too short.
Your pictorial directions to the house were very helpful, and everything was as advertised. We specially enjoyed the riverside location of the house, and the surrounding gardens. Thanks again for all your help.

Howard R., Ohio, USA
May 2006


K&J, Thanks for your email. We are in Den Haag-Holland visiting friends at the moment. All is well now but miss "our" cottage at Semur! Hope to visit again with friends to show off your village.

Kind regards

Jos & Doug, South Perth, Australia
October 2005


Le Sagittaire, a kid-friendly restaurant and pizzeria, is one of many restaurants in Semur-en-Auxois. Semur also has several banks, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

Hello Kathy and Jerry,

Just to let you know that we are back in England now and that we had a wonderful holiday.

We loved the house and Semur and really the house is situated in the best part of Semur - couldn't be better. As far as restaurants go we only ventured as far as the pizzeria with Abby in Semur - we were forced to be braver the second week of our holiday when we were in a hotel in Alsace. And it was good that we were - I have to say everyone was very accommodating of us and the pram and were all very kind to little Abby.

We only encountered a very minor problem in the house that we thought you'd want to know about. We had one day of heavy rain and it started to come in above the middle window in the lounge. There was a little pool on the window ledge.

We would be more than happy to recommend your house to other visitors. If you want to give our e mail address to anyone, that would be fine. We would probably be most useful to other Brits or others with a wee baby but of course would give recommendations to anyone.

We travelled to the house from the airport at Mulhouse/Basel. It's probably a comparable journey to Paris but without the traffic and without the hassle of a gigantic airport - Mulhouse/Basel is a much more manageable size. In addition it is one of those airports that Easyjet flies to from several UK airport. If you don't know, Easyjet is a lowcost airline very beloved of the English! In addition, it means that you can combine a week in Burgundy with a week in Alsace, as we did.

Hope you find this information helpful.

Thanks again for a wonderful week.

Best wishes,

Rosemary, Andrew & Abby, Chester, UK
September 2005

Owners' Note: Thank you so much for letting us know about the leak! It turned out it was a broken roof tile, which has now been replaced. We really appreciate the feedback. And we're sure future guests from the UK will appreciate the airport tip!


Kathy & Jerry,

Thank you so much. We enjoyed our stay in Semur, it was centrally located for all the activities we anticipated. The house was beautiful and had everything we needed.

Darren C., Reston, USA
August 2005


We're loving the Medieval village of Semur, and have enjoyed long walks of exploration. The river is so pretty... my eyes are snapping up a billion details on all these ancient buildings... Thanks for a wonderful stay!

Nance, Nick, Sophie A., San Diego, USA
August 2005


Hi Kathy and Jerry

Just to let you know we had a great time in Semur. Your house is lovely and I hope you manage to get to stay there yourselves as much as possible. It was nice to stay in someone's house rather than a basic rental. The maps and info in the basket were really useful and helped us choose where to spend our week, and it was good to find staples like sugar and oil in the kitchen so we didn't have to raid the supermarket just to cook a few meals.

Best wishes,

Russell and Fay, London, UK
July 2005


We've been in this delightful spot for a week and have had a delightful find. We've enjoyed the house very much. All in all, a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Gail, Glen, Noah, Peter E, Boise, USA
June 2005


After our week on a barge, we went to Semur and found your delightful house. We loved it! The setting is spectacular and your house is so welcoming. The roses were still blooming as were the hollyhocks. We took full advantage of everything we could possibly see and do. We also ate at many of the restaurants which were great. Thank you so much for letting us share your delightful home. We will cherish the memories for many years.

Carol and Richard H., Toronto, Canada
October 2004


We returned today from Burgundy. I write to say how much we enjoyed our stay there. Semur is enchanting, the surrounding countryside and historic sites, especially Fontenay, a delight, and our time at No. 6 was passed most comfortably in your well equipped and warm house. We enjoyed a very happy holiday.

John O., Tenbury Wells, UK
September 2004


We had a wonderful time in Semur. The house was just as you described and very well equipped. Everything was just perfect. Semur itself is, as obviously you know, quite delightful and beyond our expectations - an example of traditional rural Burgundy that was just what we wanted to experience.

Cyril T. and family, Corsham, UK
September 2004


Les Minimes at dusk, just across the river from our holiday rental in Burgundy.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay; David especially enjoyed the fishing! The local restaurants were very good -- in particular Les Minimes, we became friends with Evelynne. The house was an ideal haven to come back to after a day's sightseeing or as a restful retreat when we did not feel like being too strenuous. We loved watching the kingfishers and enjoyed the family of ducks who visited us regularly.

Barbara and David H., Orpington, UK
July 2004


We love this house and the delightful views. Thanks for the wonderful and restful stay... we're looking forward to coming back!

Nancy and Brian T., Coronado, USA
July 2003


We arrived here in the afternoon, and the first thing my sister said was, 'wow, it's so new and clean!' After we settled down we walked around the town. The fortress is beautiful! ... This is a very nice house and outside is so peaceful. There are neon-colored dragonflies that hang around the water outside.

Casey S., age 12, and family, Boise, USA
June 2003

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